Best Games for Galaxy S23, S23+ & S23 Ultra

When you bait the Galaxy S22 series or iPhone 14 series as the best to play console-quality games, Samsung has another device to offer. Samsung has launched best ever flagship smartphone for gamers and that too with an advanced mechanism. The new Galaxy S23, S23+ & S23 Ultra launched with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset with overlocked speed. On the top, you will get improved GPU & battery life with 12GB of RAM. This combo offers stunning results while playing any game.

The company has enhanced its main display with higher nit brightness and that will give better results while playing games for a longer time. Further, it has a 2x cooling system and Qualcomm magic into it to produce better sessions. In today’s guide, I will not offer the same old-school games, but some fresh titles that will amaze your mind. I will try to finish this article with all the games from the major categories.

1. Genshin Impact

Best Galaxy S23 Games

It is a Zelda-type game with stunning graphics and one of the best storytelling methods. Step up in the new world Teyvat with your brother and explore a new world. It serves you with challenges on every level and tries to move you forward or backward. In this massive open world, you can go on new adventures, explore new things, climb mountains, use weapons, and plan your destiny. In every aspect, it is a top game to play on your Galaxy S23.

Download: Genshin Impact

2. GRID Autosport

Best Galaxy S23 Games

In the world of freeware In-App Purchasing games, GRID Autosport comes from heaven. It only asks you for money while purchasing it, and you don’t have to spend money on anything later. I guess this is why it has become one of the popular racing genres in the minimum time. There are 100 cars from popular brands to choose from, and you can race on 100 tracks around the world. You can customize control, play in easy-to-hard modes, and challenge anyone. It is available for $9.99 in the store.

Download: GRID Autosport

3. Very Little Nightmares

Best Galaxy S23 Games

Mystery games are very rare to find these days in Play Store or iPhone store. We have played many such games on consoles & PC, but Android was not ready at that time. It has changed with the new Very Little Nightmares game. It has been nominated for many awards for its excellent storytelling & sound effects. You have to help the little girl to escape from the scary mansion. Everyone is trying to fail her and trap her in the house. You must rescue her by using your skills. It is paid game and will bind you for hours.

Download: Very Little Nightmares

4. Cover Fire

Best Galaxy S23 Games

Gameloft stopped creating more games in its Modern Combat series. It is one of the highly recommended FPS series on any mobile. Now, they are not developing in that genre, but the other developers are trying their best. One such developer is Vivo Games Studios, which has created Cover Fire: Offline Shooting. It stuns you in graphics, visuals, background score, effects, story, and modes. Play as a sniper and go on missions in different locations. It also has famous zombie modes to check your abilities and extra skills.

Download: Cover Fire

5. Doomsday

Best Galaxy S23 Games

Our list is never complete until we recommend one zombie game, and here are asking you to play Doomsday: Last Survivals. As the name reveals, zombies have taken over the world, and you are the last survivor. By any means, you have to fight against the walking dead and earn the rewards. It is multiplayer and you will get tons of weapons to move ahead. The graphics quality and missions are well-developed. You can spend your time with the Galaxy S23 Ultra on this game. It is a free-play game with the IAP system.

Download: Doomsday

6. Tomb Rider

Best Galaxy S23 Games

Tomb Rider: Reloaded will let you remember you’re good old days. You may have played it on a console, PC, or even on a smartphone, but this time feel the real graphics. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset inside the Galaxy S23 series will show its real power. In this classic game, you will notice improved graphics, gameplay, visuals, characters, and new missions. As you are familiar with Tomb Rider and its character Lara Craft, I leave it up to you to memorize everything about it.

Download: Tomb Rider

7. CarX Highway Racing

Best Galaxy S23 Games

If you are bored with playing Asphalt 9, Real Racing, or Need for Speed, then we have the new racing title in the store. It is CarX Highway Racing, which has our eyes on it. It looks jaw-blowing in every field, and as Samsung said the processor will keep it continuing. It includes major race courses, major car designs, fun, challenges, and more. It is free to install from Play Store but asks you to buy premium stuff with extra money.

Download: CarX Highway Racing

One thing Samsung has done a great job of is that it launched Galaxy S23 with the same processor. If you have any smartphone in this series, then you don’t have to compromise the performance. Of course, due to the display and battery size, your gameplay will be different, but in the end, all these three devices will give you a real gaming experience.