10 Best Camera Apps for iPhone XS, XR & XS Max

New Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the two latest iPhones that are more advance & upgraded than iPhone X & iPhone 8 Duo. The iOS 12 brings performance improvements and many other advanced features to this series. Both these devices support with A12 Bionic chip and they run on the Hexa-core processor with the improved GPU. The camera for both of these devices is the same as they have a 12MP dual main camera with Quad-LED dual-tone flash and 7MP selfie camera with HDR feature.

The iPhone Camera always creates excellent quality images & crystal-clear videos. Now new lenses on 12MP camera of iPhone XS duo are even better to capture better photos. It is the main rival cameras to Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9+ and OnePlus 6 smartphones.

The new iPhone XS, XR and XS Max are available in three internal storage variants of 64GB/256GB/512GB with the 4GB RAM option. They have a superior quality camera, which is capable of an excellent shot in every situation. iPhone XS model of 64GB will cost for $999, whereas 256GB and 512GB will cost $1149 and $1349, respectively. The iPhone XS Max model of 64GB is priced $1099 and 256GB and 512GB are priced $1249 & $1449 respectively. For the enriched experience of photography on these devices here, we are giving you the list of top 10 best camera apps that have superb features.

iPhone XS Camera Apps

1. ProCamera

ProCamera app provides you the experience of professional photography with all the advanced features that will enhance the quality of pictures. The app will let you control the camera like the DSLR with semi-automatic and full manual control. You will have intuitive camera control for the precise pictures. The app is compatible to record HD and 4K videos with high resolution and experience the amazing quality. Low-light visibility mode helps you capture the photos even in low light conditions. Other interesting features are 3D tiltmeter, apple watch remote control and many other. The app is available in the iOS store for $5.99.

2. ProCam 6

New ProCam 6 another app for better and superior quality photography. The app lets you create five custom profiles that are used for shooting modes and with the help of a camera setting. This app is simple to use as you can save all your current settings and sync to create Siri shortcuts. It is the multi-dimensional camera app that has the potential to turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera. Download this app from the iOS store, and it is available for $5.99. This app allows you to capture photos with different modes and 3D photos.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

It used by millions of users for faster and powerful photo editing experience on their iPhones. The collage feature of this app combines the photoshop editing and quick style transfer that let create the studio in a few taps. Automatic collage function helps you by auto suggestions in collage making and save time. With this photoshop, you have the option of single tap photo share on various social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The app has all the advanced features that are compatible with better quality pictures.

4. Pixlr

The photo editor app Pixlr which has a combination of several effects and filters to make your images excellent. It has features that portray your images as a pencil drawing, poster or ink sketch and many more. You have several options of effects that enrich the look of your photos. Edit photos and get a unique look to share your photos on social media. Remove the defects in your selfie and make it better with red eyes and tooth whitening features.

5. Horizon Camera

No matter how you hold the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max while capturing moments, the Horizon app always let it stay horizontal. The app uses the gyroscope sensor of your device to adjust the photos and videos. Experience the capturing of photos and videos of multiple resolutions in horizontal mode with 60 and 120 FPS support. You have the option to select video quality so that you can save your space and also open videos in other apps.

6. Prisma

Prisma is the editing app that has amazing photo effects to create pictures that enriched in quality. The library of this app has the full collection of hundreds of styles and filters of special features. The app provides you the photo enhancement mode that is composed of various features such as sharpness, exposure, contrast and many others to enhance the photo quality. The app is available for free to download but offers some in-app purchases.

7. Halide

It is the multifunctional camera app that has high-end tools for perfect photography. Halide app has tools that are meant for professional shots that are, focus peaking, adaptative level grid, and many other features. This app has the customized and manual control that adapts the app according to your needs. Focus peaking features are the one that makes the app best platform for the excellent photos on iPhones.

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8. Camera+

Camera+ is the best platform for pictures of your choice on iPhones. You will get better control over many features of your camera dimensions with this app. Exposure and focus control feature allows you to control the quality of your pictures. Expanded zoom coverage up to 6 times will surely offer a chance to capture the superior quality photos. The app provides the option of multiple scene mode that includes food, sunset beach, etc. It is priced for $2.99 and offers some in-app purchases.


It provides access to several tools and community content with its subscription-based service. You will get access to photo editing tools which helps you to increase your creativity. VSCO offers you a window of choices with its creative tools and content-rich features. This app is free for download but it offers in-app purchases. Download the VSCO app for free from the iOS App Store and later subscribe to their paid services as per your photography needs.

10. FilMiC Pro

For incredible video recording with HD quality, the app is the best option due to its various advanced features. With the FilMiC Pro app, you will get more control over the video recording process more than ever. For the professional video recording in various sectors like filmmaking, music and many others, this app is the perfect option. You can adjust the focus and exposure with a dual arc slider control feature. The app provides you the several shooting modes including standard, manual and hybrid. Having this app installed is not a cheap option as it cost $14.99.

Here is the list of top 1o best camera apps for the iPhone XS, XR and iPhone XS Max. All the above mentioned camera apps are highly rated and they have various advanced features and are compatible with professional photography. To download and install these camera apps, go to the iOS App Store.