High-end Galaxy A Series Phones may Get Android OS Updates For 3 Years

In the launching event of Galaxy Note 20 & other major Galaxy devices, Samsung has promised to deliver major Android OS updates for 3 years to its flagship devices. The promising devices that will receive the major rollouts are Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S20 & Galaxy F series, which are eligible to get three-year support. Now, the new revealing from the customer representative at Samsung South Korea, some Galaxy A series of smartphones may also get the same treatment. When the customer asked about his Galaxy A90 to whether the smartphone will get 3 years of Android OS updates, the executive answered with a possible answer.

In the answer, the representative clearly mentions the upper mid-range or high-end Galaxy A series of smartphones released after Galaxy S10 is under additional reviews. Further, he said, the company is checking hardware specs and resources of these devices to come to a final thought. Once the company decides, it will publish the news on the Samsung Member app. There are also chances for high-end tablets to get 3-year support, as they have also launched with top-notch hardware specs.

Samsung Android OS Updates

Here is the important translation from the screenshot.

Please note that, unfortunately, the previous release models Galaxy S9, Note9, A series and tablet products are not applicable, as hardware specifications and resources are considered. High-end A series and tablet products released after the S10 are under additional review, and detailed OS upgrade policies will be announced later by checking hardware specifications and resources.Please refer to the Samsung Members app announcement, Samsung Electronics’ official channel.

Samsung has already declared that the Galaxy Note 9 & Galaxy S9 and the previous flagship or Galaxy A series devices will not get major updates. Even there is less possibility that the Galaxy S9 & Note 9 will receive One UI 2.5 version. Now we have to see what Samsung makes in the final decision about the high-end Galaxy A series. If this happens, the Galaxy A90, Galaxy A80, Galaxy A71, and their 5G variants will surely get the 3-years support.

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  1. I purchase A71 on 6/8/2020.after 3 days its pack pannel was open and something coming from inside.i went to delar for exchange but they send me to service centre I just wana change my phone just because it was only 5 days of purchasing but both are not agree.trully disappointed with samsung dealers and service centre.lets see again I complaint to samsung account.

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