Best Oppo Watch Apps

In the hardware & software side, Oppo Watch is one of the advanced smartwatches in a while. Oppo has created the watch by taking notes from all the other smartwatch companies and made this masterpiece. For a long time of period or over a year, Google was failing its customers to deliver the best Wear OS ecosystem. The Wear OS has always failed to give the best performance & better apps to users. Now, it looks like after the joining of Oppo Watch, the days will change, and the recent Wear OS firmware update is part of it.

Now coming back to Oppo Watch it has a larger space to store everything from apps, games & watch faces. One thing is for sure, the main advantage of being on Wear OS by Google is you can download hundreds of quality apps on your Oppo Watch.

Wear OS has developed for many years so major developers on Play Store have Side loaded or specially created best apps for the watches. For example, the Spotify app which is the most popular music app on Android or Apple smartphones is available on Wear OS. The Play Store is available in the Oppo Watch that will allow you to download such useful or essential apps or games. The main benefit of the Play Store app on the watch is that both Android or iOS running phones can use it.

The 1GB RAM & 8GB storage will let you use any apps from the store without lagging or giving any glitches. In this article, I will let you surf through some of the best applications from every major category. Most of the apps from the list are free to use and some will ask for subscriptions. Let’s check it out best Oppo Watch apps.

Best Oppo Watch Apps

1. Google Handwriting Input

Best Oppo Watch Apps

As we know, Oppo Watch users can use Google Pay, Google Assistant & Google Fit apps. There are some other Google apps that you can access on the wearable. One such app is Google Handwriting Input for the users who want to type something or text messages using the watch. You can use handwriting on the screen to type the words, though recently, Google has updated the app, so you can use the keyboard. It is very difficult to type something on the tiny screen, but for the fast replies, you can use it. Also, it supports voice assistant to take input.

2. Telegram

Best Oppo Watch Apps

It is the choice of billions of people after WhatsApp in social sharing apps. It is the best that Telegram developers curated this app to use on your wrist. Even when you can receive app notifications on the Wear OS watches, it is a great experience to use the app. Telegram will allow you to chat with your friends, reply to them, forward the message. You can also view the group’s contact names and the other necessary information on the watch. You can install the app from the Play Store of your watch.

3. Ultimate Alexa

Best Oppo Watch Apps

Google has introduced Google Assistant for its all wearables. It is like Samsung has Bixby & Apple has Siri on their prospective watches. Here, we are not going into comparison between, Siri, Bixby, and Assistant. They are all perfect on their smartwatches. The Alexa is also in the market with some amazing features. Many users out there use this personal voice assistant on the watch, like Amazfit Verge 2, Fitbit Versa 2 & Garmin Fenix 6X Pro. If you are also want to try Amazon Alexa on Oppo Watch, then you can install the Ultimate Alexa app.

4. Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Best Oppo Watch Apps

Now it is the best app to take advantage of Oppo Watch or any other Android watches. You don’t have to use many buttons or use a keyboard when you are using the app. The Easy Voice Recorder Pro simply lets you record your voice and listen to it on your smartphone. Oppo Watch has a built-in microphone and speaker to give input and get output. I haven’t tried this voice recording app, though you can install it, use it, and tell us whether you can hear the recorded voice on the Oppo Watch.

5. Strava

Best Oppo Watch Apps

Without Strava, our top list will not finish. It is like a must-have fitness app for every device. It uses GPS technology to track your trails. Strava will start to measure your running and other outdoor activities. It even lets you share the data with your friends, so you both see the results and grow together to stay activated. You can use Strava for yoga, running, cycling, treadmill, swim, hike, CrossFit, rock climb, surf, and many Gym workouts. Millions of users including Garmin, Samsung, Fossil, Apple, Amazfit, Fitbit, and other trust it.

6. Spotify

Best Oppo Watch Apps

Have you tired after doing hours of workout or training? Then it is time for some relaxation. And what is a better app for relaxation rather than Spotify? The world’s one of the biggest music library is now on Oppo Watch. Whether you are living in the US, India, or Europe, you will find your favorite music on Spotify. Search by genre, movies, albums, artist name or language, and find the best music. The free version of Spotify comes with advertisements, and also you can unlock some benefits with premium subscription.

7. Google Maps

Best Oppo Watch Apps

The best GPS & navigation app on the smartphone is now available on Oppo Watch. The Google Maps supports Apple Watch, so there is no doubt the app will work with the same quality on its home-grown watches. The maps app is trusted by many travelers to provide accurate results and turn-by-turn navigations. Almost all the cities across the world have submitted here so you will get all the details of hospitals, restaurants, schools, colleges, and other important places. Get Google maps from the Play Store.

8. Nike Run Club

Best Oppo Watch Apps

Nike Run Club or NRC is another fitness app to guide you in running sessions. It also uses GPS technology to track your steps and inspire you. Nike has tied up with Apple to create a special Nike edition, where you can use some premium features. Still, the app is available on many platforms including Galaxy Watches. You can get the coaches to motivate you and share your stats with friends. See your monthly or daily data on the leaderboard and unlock many badges as a reward. The Nike app uses Google Fit to share sync with the results and heart-rate data.

9. AccuWeather

Best Oppo Watch Apps

In the recent blog post, Google has promised to bring the native Weather app for Wear OS watches. It may take time to launch an app from the company. We also don’t know whether it will be better than its rivals, or which functions it will serve. Till then, you can use the AccuWeather app on the Oppo Watch. It provides daily or weekly forecast data in the current city. It gives a live forecast for the next 45 days of weather reports in advance to make a traveling schedule. The two weather alert & storm alert are also the essential functions of it.

10. Facer Watch Faces

Best Oppo Watch Apps

The best part of any smartwatches is their cool watch faces. Most users like to change watch faces daily to show the true color & potential of the watch. One such app is Facer, which provides hundreds of free & paid watch faces to the Oppo Watch. Oppa has also come up with some best themes, but users can get more choices with the Facer app. Get the theme with more complications or choose with clean design or get the most premium dial. The Facer app has a huge library of dials for every user. Download the app from the Play Store on your watch.

Oppo Watch is new in the market. Right now, the company has introduced some watch faces, but not any native apps for the wearable. In the next few months, we might see some of the essential apps from a company, like Samsung has Camera Controller, Music & Emails apps. You may find these all above listed apps useful on your Oppo Watch. Download these apps and tell us your experience with the new watch.

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