Galaxy Watch 6 Features: News & Leaks

Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro have many features over the Galaxy Watch 4. Especially, the Watch 5 Pro took a different path and adopted more advanced functions. It is the toughest in the Galaxy Watch lineup, cares about outdoor performers, and adventurers, and also got a new sapphire glass. Now, Samsung is moving further with its Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Pro. The company will launch it in August this year along with foldable devices.

Now we are successful to receive some leaks about the next watches, and I am going to share them with you. For the next Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Pro, Samsung has new ideas in mind. First, it will finally change the design of Watch 6 to look different from Watch 4 & Watch 5.

The previous Watch 4 & Watch 5 looked identical, so this time the company wants to change them. We don’t have a picture to show you yet, but I will soon share it with you.

Next, Samsung will use a MicroLED display on Galaxy Watches. The current watches have OLED displays, but using MicroLED displays has many advantages. It will produce better brightness, high contrast ratio, excellent color production, improved visibility in direct sunlight, and efficiency in battery management.

Samsung Display team is working on it, and we will soon see it on the next-gen Galaxy watches.

And the next leak suggests there would be a built-in projector on the smartwatch. Samsung recently filed a patent for a projector for its wearables, and that technology will be applied to future devices. If it comes to life, then users can beam information into outer space like a hand or table.

Galaxy Watch 6 News

The technology includes several lenses and LED emitters to mirror the screen on other objects. With this, users will get more space to give inputs like a keyboard or get more space to enjoy multimedia.

For women users, Samsung has partnered with natural Cycles to track skin temperature in the menstrual cycle. It is confirmed news, that the company will launch it on all the Wear OS-based Galaxy Watches, and that might start with Galaxy Watch 6.

Samsung has introduced the Skin Temperature function on Galaxy Watch 5 series, but it may launch with the next watches.

These are some latest news I have gathered recently. I will keep you updated when I catch more leaks about Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Pro.