First Angry Birds Game is Discontinued from Play Store

The first golden era of mobile gaming has ended with the original Angry Birds going down this week on February 23. The official developer Rovio Entertainment has announced to delist original Angry Birds game from Play Store. We all know the sentiments of the first batch of users with this classic game. We all have played it at least once on our Android phones, and that is how we know how fun it was. That era will now end with the company’s decision to remove it.

In the official statement by the company, it mentions that due to the impact of a large number of games in the portfolio, the company has finally decided to terminate it. In the market, it has been downloaded by billions of users. The company has recently changed its name to Rovio Classic: Angry Birds and it has over 100K downloads.

Surprisingly, it remains unimpacted in Apple’s App Store. Rovio Entertainment said it will available in the App Store by the name Red’s First Flight until further review. It indicates Rovio can also make the decision to take it down from the App Store in near future.

Angry Birds Game Shut Down

We know there are many games from the developers in the Angry Birds series, but the love for the first game is unconditional. When it was launched in 2009, it became popular in every category for all audiences. It was a casual game but it offered the best value for money on the early low-range to high-range devices.

If you are a fan of this classic game, then you can still get it from the store. It is now available at the price of a dollar without any IAP & other advertisements. After shut down on February 23, it will be still available to play on the device. The users who already purchased it can play for a longer time.