Samsung Patents Built-in Projector for Galaxy Watch

In an innovative move, Samsung has filed a new patent for its Galaxy Watch that will change the narrative of wearables. A new patent shows that Samsung has filed a built-in projector feature for the upcoming Galaxy Watch. The company has a different plan with the filed function compared to the PPT Controller. With the PPT Controller, users can only control the projects showcased on external displays like a projector or TV screen.

With a built-in projector, users don’t need an external display. It will show the video or other files in outer space. It could be your hand or the other space where you can enlarge the display to get a better visual. It will be beneficial to play videos on a large screen or WhatsApp screen.

Here is the official information about the new patent. “A projection display on a side portion of the housing and configured to display information on a display area adjacent to the housing.” It clearly mentions it will mirror the screen on another surface.

Galaxy Watch Projector

The diagram in the patent also tells about a bunch of lenses and LEDs to project the screen. If this becomes true, then Samsung needs to work on its design as such a display may result in poor design. I think that will be the main job of the R&D team at the Samsung office.

Galaxy Watch Projector

For now, it is just an idea reserved by the company, and nothing is official yet. In the current year, Samsung will launch Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Pro watches. The company still needs to launch the most promised Skin temperature and improved cycle functions on Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5.