TikTok & YouTube Apps Flooded with 1-Star Reviews in India

The roasting battle of TikTok Vs YouTube has now taken another turn in India between both sides of users. Now both TikTok & YouTube users are giving 1-star reviews to each other’s app in the Play Store. It happens when YouTube decided to delete the viral video of Carry Minati YouTube vs TikTok – The End in which he roasted TikTok. It is started when some YouTubers roasted TikTokers about their content creations. Then after that, TikTokers did also the same to defend themselves & to roast YouTubers. It became more rival when the famous YouTuber Carry Minati posted a video to roast in its own style. The video became so viral in India that it broke many records within the first week.

Many users liked this video and when it got deleted it was seen by 74 million users in 7 days. After complaints from TikTok users, YouTube took action against the video & turned it down. In the deletion of video, the YouTube official said it is against the privacy policy and the video was violating the terms & conditions. It is the reason, Carry Minati’s followers are flooded with 1-star reviews on the TikTok app in the Play Store. If you look at the newest reviews for the app in Play Store then you will notice all the users are angry because of the video which was taken down & now they blame TikTok for this.

YouTube Vs TikTok

The irony is that the same users are also blaming YouTube for not defending Carry Minati when he is on YouTube side in the YouTube Vs TikTok battle. The support for Carry Minati is also trending on Twitter & Instagram with #justiceforcarry hashtag, which on top since this today morning. Also, the support is growing too much that on Facebook & YouTube you will see posts & videos that recommend to delete the TikTok from your device & give it a 1-star review.

Update (18/05): The war between YouTube & TikTok users are not going to stop anytime soon. In the support of Carry Minati, now many famous YouTubers are deleting TikTok app from their phones and requesting users to do the same. India’s most famous YouTube channels like Technical Guruji, BB ke Vines, Elvish Yadav and many more are requesting users uninstall the app. Technical Guruji which is most famous Tech channel in India has made a special video, where he uninstalls the app from all his smartphones.

YouTube Vs TikTok

Now many users have uninstalled the app and gave 1-star reviews to the app. As we checked on Friday, the TikTok rating was 4.5-star in the Play Store, but now it decreases to 3.2-star ratings. The TikTok Lite which was enjoying 4.6-star ratings is now came down to 2.1-star. In the wave, more than one million users have rated to the app in the last three days. In India, many times TikTok ratings was decreased due to nationalism but this time it happened because of users of TikTok & YouTube & their rivalry.


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