How To Download & Save TikTok Videos

TikTok has gained unparalleled popularity in much less time as compared to other social media apps. The app was previously known as, is the most popular among youth as it creates a platform to share short video moments. TikTok lets you express yourself with short video content of 15 seconds. This video may be edited with different music of your choice, style elements, funny expressions, and memes to share this content with the community. The app is in the top 5 most downloaded apps of Android & Apple app ranking.

After gaining wide popularity in India, it has entered into European & US market. It makes one of the trending startup apps in the world with over $1 billion valuations. While on TikTok, you may come across some videos which you might like to share with your friends on other platforms. To share videos, you should download it on your device. Here we will discuss the steps about how to download videos on TikTok on the Android & iPhone smartphones.

Download TikTok Videos

Download & Save TikTok Videos

1. Use Save Video Option

TikTok already provides you the Save Video option for various videos. While browsing the catalog on the app videos play automatically, at that time, select the share button and select the Save Video option from the app. In this way, you can download the video on your iPhone’s Photos app or separate album of these videos will be generated by the Photos app.

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2. Download Using Instagram

In case you find some videos without the option of Save video, then you have to follow a different way to save videos on your device. Hit the share option to download video and select the Instagram Stories option. But when you are at the Instagram Stories interface, select the download option, and cancel uploading. If you don’t have Instagram account you should download the app and sign in over there.

3. Use Total app (Third-Party app)

The third-party app Total will allow you to download & save TikTok videos on your smartphones. After the rise of, many apps are letting us download videos & in the Total is the best option. Get this app from Android Play Store or iOS App Store and link it to TikTok app.

4. Save As a GIF

You can also save the videos as GIFs if you don’t like the sound or music in a particular video. The process is the same, to save video as a GIF, tap on the share button and select save as the GIF option from the menu. The video will be converted and saved on your iPhone, if you don’t find the save GIF option then follow the same procedure as mentioned for the Save video option.

5. Save as Live Photo

You can also save the video as Live Photo, to do this press the share button, scroll the menu to the right and you will see the Live Photo option. Now select this option, and the video will be converted into Live Photos and saved in the Photos gallery of your iPhone.

In this way, you can save the videos from TikTok to your Android or iPhone smartphones. The best way to download videos from the app is to use the Save Video option, and in case if you don’t find such an option, you may resort to the other ways as provided. Videos saved and converted as GIFs and Live Photos can be shared on the other platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. If you need any help, then ask me in the conversation box below.