Play These 10 Android Games on Redmi Note 9 Pro & 9 Pro Max

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note series devices are not flagship phones, but the series fits in the mid-range category. The Redmi Note series well applauses by millions of its fans that they always wait to get a new device every year. It is the reason, on the launch date, new Redmi Note phone sales in the first few seconds. We have seen massive success for Redmi Note 6 & 6 Pro, Note 7 & 7 Pro & last year’s Redmi Note 8 Pro devices. In the year 2020, Xiaomi has introduced Redmi Note 9 Pro & Redmi Note 9 Pro Max smartphones. For the different users, the company has different choices, and instead of the regular model, now there is Pro & Pro Max.

If you are a gamer, then you can choose big brother Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. It comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G & Adreno 618 GPU for the top-notch gaming experience. The faster processor put it in the elite club of the gaming community. However, I will not compare the device with Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10, OnePlus 8 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max. These are mean to be excellent flagship devices, wins in every battle. For the smooth gaming and long-lasting entertainment, you can play these best graphics games on Redmi Note 9 Pro & Note 9 Pro Max.

Best Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Games

1. PUBG Mobile

Redmi Note 9 Pro Games

Xiaomi’s mobile users love to play PUBG on their smartphones. Frankly, many users bought Redmi Note series devices to play entertaining online games like PUBG Mobile. Last year there was a craze about the game, and on the random streets, you may have seen many kids playing it on their Xiaomi phones. The PUBG is the first most famous online player game with millions of gamers. You will land on the unknown island where you have to compete with other players. You can make your team get deadly weapons, loot other’s treasure, and prepare to the end. You can download PUBG from Play Store for free.

Download: PUBG

2. Ludo King

In the time of lockdown, many people are finding an unlimited source of enjoyment in their homes. And what is better than playing games with your friends. The social game Ludo King is very famous in South Asia with millions of fan following & active gamers. Play it offline or online with other friends against 2, 3, 4, or 5 players. The Ludo is an ancient game in India, and now it allows you to show your dice magic against other players. It doesn’t come with high graphics, any special effects, or catching background music, though it is one of the engaging games out there.

Download: Ludo King

3. Lara Croft Go

The classic game of Consoles, Lara Croft Go, is now available on mobile phones for quite a long time. It is one of those games which rewarded with tremendous love from the fan, which later turned into movie series. The Lara Croft game has many plots, and this one is one of them. It is the racing game, which is quite different than the action version. Still, you can enjoy the same adventure, classic look & surroundings, the courageous main character, and the gameplay. The game is available for $3.99 in the Android store.

Download: Lara Croft Go

4. Republique

It hailed as the best game in both Play Store & iOS App Store for many years. The gameplay and character design are the best part that engages you in five chapters. In the Republique game, the woman has trapped inside the building, and you have to rescue her. To do that, you have to hack government surveillance systems to unlock the door. Recently, the first chapter has become free, and you have to pay for the next four chapters. If you like the first chapter of Republique, then you can buy the remaining game from the store.

Download: Republique

5. Gunship Strike 3D

In the Gunship Strike 3D game, you have to sit on the front seat and take control. You must pose some skills to drive the helicopter and take down the enemy’s helicopter & their military bases. Aim and shoot the helicopters before they shoot you. It comes with 40 plus models, or you can say 40 plus battles. Takedown rivals and win the gameplay. The graphics are eye-catchy, and the special effects are worth to buy it. In the Android Store, Gunship Strike 3D is free to purchase, but you have to pay for in-app purchases.

Download: Gunship Strike 3D

6. Call of Duty: Mobile

Redmi Note 9 Pro Games

There is an answer to every question. When PUBG & Fortnite were grabbing most of the gaming industry shares then the older players were just watching. When you look up the Play Store then there is no competition for PUBG & Fortnite. Now, the Activision Publishing comes up with Call of Duty: Mobile, it’s new online multiplayer. It is the answer to those both games and to keep its dominance in the gaming. In the meantime, millions of users have downloaded it on their smartphones & tablet. Download it free on Redmi Note 9 Pro & Note 9 Pro Max.

Download: Call of Duty

we can increase the list with many other console games, but we think you can enjoy these 10 games. download all the games from Android Play Store on your Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro & Redmi Note 9 Pro Max smartphones.