7 Best Games for OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro

With the new launching of OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones, customers have another choice in the flagship range. When last year, the company introduced OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro devices I have genuinely impressed with its fluid performance and long-lasting battery. Both smartphones passed in all the expectations, and now this year’s OnePlus 8 & 8 Pro will achieve another milestone in the smartphone race. The 8 Pro is now in the club of 120Hz refresh rate display mode along with Galaxy S20 Ultra. Sadly, OnePlus 8 comes with 90Hz display but still crystal-clear & sharp in producing all-natural colors.

The big brother packed with 4300mAh battery to run last longer and to avoid any disturbance while playing high-quality games. On over that 30T warp battery charging facility will charge a 50% battery in only 22 minutes. Along with it, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset can handle any console-quality games and run them smoothly without any glitches. On top of that, in some areas, 5G connectivity lets you download over 2GB of gaming files in few seconds. For such game-centric persons, I have sorted out 7 best graphics games for OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro. Some of these games also support 120Hz technology of 8 Pro smartphone.

1. ShadowGun Legends

Best OnePlus 8 Pro Games

The Shadowgun Legends has created by the famous developers of the Shadowgun game. Back in 2011 to 2013, it was one of the best first-person shooters on Android & iPhone. Later, the craze diverted its another zombie killing game Dead Trigger & its next part. Shadowgun Legends is a multi-player game and continue the legacies of previous games. It is the first-person shooter and also won the award. Not like the PUBG, Fornite, Call of Duty, but in all the way, it is must play on the OnePlus smartphone.

Download: Shadowgun Legends

2. Marvel Contests of Champion

Like the DC Legends, you can play your favorite Marvel character in the Marvel Contests of Champion. There is a huge fan base for Marvel heroes, and in the large group, you & your friends can choose each superhero. Most loved Iron Man, spidey Spider-man, respectable Wolverine or Logan, mighty hulk, and naughty Deadpool are all on the battlefield. Take all the heroes and fight against villains like Thanos & Loki. It offers a 120Hz refresh rate for extra smooth performance, though best to play in 90Hz display.

Download: Marvel Contests

3. Mortal Combat

The classic game Mortal Combat was very famous on consoles like Xbox, Playstation & other devices. Now in the new graphics design, the team has launched it in the 120Hz display. It runs smoothly and lets you play the whole day with its different combats. You can fight with other players or play in a group of 3×3 for more fun. You have your own MK 11 or Mortal Combat 11 team with more power and more skills to use in a fight. Take the personal challenges to boost your skills, go to the faction war, or take the quests. Mortal Combat 3 is free in Play Store.

Download: Mortal Combat

4. Dead Trigger 2

Best OnePlus 8 Pro Games

As I said, MadFinger team knows how to create engaging games for the gaming fans. The first Dead Trigger and the Shadowgun were big hits and introduced the primary kinds of graphics and gameplay techniques. The Dead Trigger 2 is much better in the graphics performance in the engaging gameplay and challenging levels & modes. It is a zombie-killing game with lots of techniques. Use as many weapons as you can and kill as the zombies before they do.

It contains lots of small levels that you need to complete before the timer ends. In the last major update, Dead Trigger 2 has upgraded with 120Hz display support for extra butter. The game is free in the Play Store, though, it will ask for in-app money to unlock some mighty weapons.

Download: Dead Trigger 2

5. Alto’s Odessy

Alto’s Odessy is a gem of mobile gaming on both Android & iOS platforms. It has also maintained high-rating in the Play Store for its unique adventure & talk about the graphics, then that is tremendous. Join the Alto and his friends and start the journey on the sandboarding street. On the trip, you will witness lots of parts of life that will make it more fun. The latest update for Alto’s Odessy has received 90Hz & 120Hz refresh rate displays.

Download: Alto’s Odessy

6. Auto Chess

New strategy game Auto Chess lets you create your ecosystem and defend it from the others. There are a total of 8 players in the ecosystem, and each one can build their city. You have to protect your town from the other seven and prove your skills. You can be the mighty king of 8 kingdoms if you defeat them. You can challenge other players in multi-player support at any time. The graphics, character building, surrounding ecosystem and the gameplay built on 120Hz display gives you all the goodies on your OnePlus 8 pro.

Download: Auto Chess

7. Ludo King

It is no 120Hz game and not has highly rated graphics. Due to the limited 120Hz games in the Play Store, we are recommending other games. The Ludo King is very famous in India and the neighboring countries. In the gameplay, 2-6 players can participate against each other. When it is your turn, tap on the dice to get the numbers, and you can move ahead or kill other players. It also allows you to play with the team, and when there are no friends to play around, then you can play online.

Download: Ludo King

The OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro is the new flagship smartphone. Both have all the hardware & software parts to show-off the best gaming skills. All the games mentioned above are the best in their genres. The first six games support the 120Hz refresh rate, and the remaining can be playable with a 90Hz display. If you want to suggest your favorite games into this list, then feel free to drop the words in the comment box below.