Software Updates Won’t Solve Some Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera Issues

Since the launching of Galaxy S20 Ultra, the smartphone is facing some issues with the camera performance. In the beginning, it had severe autofocus issues, which was later fixed by a software update. If I am not wrong, then all the firmware updates released by Samsung were to fix camera related problems. Samsung is releasing new firmware every month, but it looks like there are still performance issues with the camera. Now some users are facing short distance focus, which captures blurry images when users try to take pictures closer than 10cm.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20, S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphones have the industry’s one of the best camera sensors, but still few issues should be solved. When many customers in South Korea asked for a new software update to fix the short distance focus issue, then Camera Moderator & and later Camera Manager answered that the lens of S20 Ultra is designed to take images of objects longer than 10cm. When you take pictures closer than that, then the background may be blurred. Here is the translation of Camera Moderator:

Galaxy S20 Ultra Update

“First of all, we are sorry for the confusion about the use. The S20 Ultra model is equipped with a high-pixel image sensor, which increases the size of the sensor, resulting in a shallow depth of field and a longer focal length of 10cm or more compared to previous Samsung models. Therefore, when shooting a close object, the background may be blurred, or out of focus may occur. The focal length is determined by the lens specifications, making it difficult to correct with software. We apologize for not being able to fully explain the focal length in advance. Thank you.”

Many users are really unhappy with this. In everyday usage, users have to take pictures of closer objects like ID cards, documents, or other files. When reviewers spotted an issue with the camera autofocus function of S20 Ultra, then Samsung promised to enhance the camera performance by releasing new firmware. Still, now it looks like some issues are will not be fixed by software updates.

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