How to Use Google Camera App on Galaxy Watch 4

Smartwatches these days come with lots of features and the remaining tasks completed with apps. Google’s Wear OS watches have plenty of apps in each category. Very few know the Wear OS watches also support Google Camera to control smartphone cameras. Now, with the Wear OS 3, Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic has received the support. First, the app launched in 2018, and since then, it is updating every once and then to introduce new functions. The camera controller app is essential for watches that it helps to take group photos and set the timer.

Samsung has its Camera Controller app for previous Galaxy Watches, and Apple also has some useful camera apps in the App Store.

In the recent version, Google has released some of the needy function users were waiting for the Fossil Gen 6, Oppo Watch, and other Wear OS watches. The new Galaxy Watch 4 duo get all the features on supported devices. The app lets you see the actual picture of the phone on your smartwatch.

When you set the timer and ready to take an image in the group, then it is impossible to see the actual footage. Google Camera will allow you to see the real view of your smartphone camera so you should take a better image. It applies to both fronts as well as a rear camera in case you want to take selfies or group photos.

The Google Camera app will not support on all the smartphones. It only work with select Android smartphones like Google Pixel XL series, Galaxy S series & Galaxy Note series. If you are using any of these devices, then you can use app on Galaxy Watch 4.

Google Camera on Galaxy Watch 4

Google Camera on Galaxy Watch 4

For easy use, here are some useful functions that you can use to capture images from your Wear OS smartwatches. First, download Google Camera on Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch 4 the Play Store. After that, Open the app on your smartwatch. You can control the camera of your Google Pixel 3 or above smartphone.

To get the group photo, set the timer, and put your smartphone on the specific location. In the delay of 3 seconds, the phone will take a group photo. With the Flip camera function, you can turn the rear camera to the front or vice versa.

The most important feature is Viewfinder which allows you to see the subject being photographed. In this way, you will know what part you are capturing, and also you can adjust the view. Though, it works with Google Pixel smartphone lineup & Samsung flagship phones. In the future, you may see the global expansion of the app on every non-pixel device.