Best Camera Apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watches are always great deal for the customers as they comes with various innovative features and advanced technology. They perform as your perfect workout partner and enable you to monitor your health conditions accurately with the help of its comprehensive fitness tracker. The latest Apple Watch Series 4 is equipped with ECG feature that let you monitor your heart health effectively and detects if any concern is there. You can easily monitor your heart rate and get the graph of heart rates on your wrist. The previous Apple Watch Series 3 & Series 2 are beast in wearable segment which are still best options for newbies.

These products not only enhance your health monitoring but also improve your connectivity. Apple’s latest technology and innovative design makes them unique products among the competitive wearables market. You can also explore plenty of other things from your wrist and experience digital advancement. It is the best alternate which enable you to perform several things remotely, here we will take the example of camera. Yes you can operate the camera of your iPhone from your Apple Watch and capture the perfect shot with much comfort. Here we will see best camera apps for Apple Watches of all series. You can use these camera apps on Apple Watch Series 4, Watch Series 3 & previous models.

Camera Apps Apple Watch

1. Camera Plus

Camera Plus app on your Apple watch let you capture photos and record videos through your wrist. It takes the experience to advanced level as the app ensure your access to several features such as switch between front or back camera, flash, countdown timer and instant preview after capture as well as live preview while capturing moments. In short the app gives you the entire control of your iPhone camera and let you take shots smoothly, you will also be provided with an option to record videos in 480p and 720p size formats. Other important features include HDR, photo filters and photo captions to apply texts on photos.

2. Halide

This is the most renowned and award winning app that comes with high end tools and beautiful user interface. Halide is an incredible app which is equipped with professional tools like focus peaking, histograms, adaptive level grid and manual depth capture etc. It offers custom-designed user interface for iPhone and later which can be used with one hand. Halide comes with full manual control features including shutter speed, ISO and white balance. The app is equipped with intelligent automatic and manual mode. It also support the RAW capture as well as let you have the instant preview of your last few shots.

3. Pro Camera

Pro Camera app let you exploit your iPhone camera and get full advantages of it. The app comes with intuitive user interface and advanced features that enable you to capture better pictures. With the help of this app you can adjust the focus and exposure intuitively and precisely from your wrist. As the name of the app suggests it is compatible that give you control that resembles with the advanced DSLR camera and comes with semi automatic and full manual control features. Pro camera app not only equips you with advanced control but also let you capture incredible portrait pictures as well as record HD and 4K videos through your wrist.

These are the best camera apps for Apple watches, all the apps are full of advanced and professional features. These apps will enhance your access to your phone camera and enable you to record your moments with the professional tools. You can switch to main and selfie camera as well as set timer for the perfect shot and explore more activities without practically using your phone.