Galaxy Buds+ Update Again Improves Ambient Sound

Samsung’s two new products Galaxy S20 series & Galaxy Buds+, have some issues since the launch. In this situation, the company has tried to enhance the users experiencing with new firmware updates. The Galaxy S20 users have reported camera performance issues in many departments, so they received many updates. The same happens with Galaxy Buds+ since the launching, and from the first update, users get sound quality updates. We have recently covered Ambient sound, wind-free, and white noise issue updates in recent months.

Now, again, the new firmware version R175FXXU0ATE3 is rolling out to enhance ambient sound. In the row, it is the other software released to fix the problem with the mode. For some users, the problem is persistent that they have complained about it on Samsung Community. In the answer, South Korea’s Samsung Community moderator posted the article about the new changes in the update.

Galaxy Buds+ Update

As per the changelog, the latest firmware has tackled the Ambient Sound issue to increase the sound quality. The new version is available to download in the home country and gradually will reach to other countries. To check the latest firmware version, open the Galaxy Wearable app then tap on Buds software update. Install the version and tell us your experience sound quality with the new ambient mode.