How to track sleep with Huawei Watch GT 2 & GT 2e

These days getting enough sleep is important, and if you are working late, then it becomes essential. Many people out there can not get enough sleep, and as a result, they face many problems. When you don’t get enough sleep, then you can face stress while working, or your mind won’t concentrate. Huawei has introduced a sleep tracking function on Watch GT 2 & Watch GT 2e smartwatches. Further, the company has launched a new Huawei TruSleep app for advanced sleep tracking options. The TruSleep function comes pre-installed on both new Huawei smartwatches and even on Honor watches.

TruSleep quite has an excellent history to track user’s sleep, and the sensors are also very accurate. Both watches come with highly advanced sensors that easily identify night sleep and day nap. Also, it tells you when you woke in the middle of sleep and how many times it has disturbed. The smartwatches like Apple Watch Series 5 & Fitbit Versa 2 miss in this category. Lucky you, Huawei has its sleep tracking function on all its wearables. To get the proper sleep and check it daily, follow these steps. You can detect a sleeping pattern with both the app and the pre-installed options. Here is the guide to tract the sleep.

Track Sleep on Huawei Watch GT 2 & GT 2e

Sleep on Watch GT 2

1. On your smartwatch, scroll up

2. Tap on Sleep

3. Swipe up to see nighttime sleep

4. Also, you will get daytime nap time

5. To know the sleep history, open Health app

6. Open Sleep option

7. Here, get sleep data in days, week & month

Track Sleep with TruSleep option

1. Open Huawei Health

2. Tap on TruSleep app

In the TruSleep option, you will get complete detail about the quality of your sleep. It collects your sleep data when you asleep when you wake up and when you are in light, deep or REM sleep. Also, it monitors your breathing while you sleep and alert if there is an issue that should be taken care of.

Note that in the sleeping mode, the smartwatch will turn off notifications, reminders, always-on display, and some other features. It disables all the elements to provide you quality sleep. These are the steps to follow to get track of sleep & get the necessary data on Huawei Watch GT 2 & GT 2e.