Samsung Released First Galaxy Fit Update

Samsung is releasing the first update to its fitness tracker Galaxy Fit. The small update comes to stabilize the tracker and improve the performance. The new firmware version R370XXU0ASG1 is now rolling out in France that is 20.72 MB in size. For the Galaxy Fit, the latest version brings improvements to the algorithm and stability to the battery charging. The change also brings a button to get a heart rate measurement on the heart rate widget. The other stabilizer codes applied to the tracker; the same feature Galaxy Fit e received in its previous software version.

The first Fit e update released back in May that brings Dim Light to the band. The tiny software code was mean to improve battery life by adjusting screen brightness. A few days ago Galaxy Fit e received its second update with stability improvements. To get the latest version on your Samsung Galaxy Fit fitness tracker, go to the Wearable app on your smartphone. The update is currently rolling out in France, and in the coming days, it will hit in other countries.

Galaxy Fit Update

Samsung Galaxy Fit & Fit e is now available in major countries with reasonable prices. These are the main rival wearables to the Xiaomi’s popular Mi Band 3 & Band 4. In the market, both Mi Band is doing excellent work to attract more customers. Both are popular for workout activities and to perform different exercises. Samsung tries to shut this gap by launching more than 39 workout sessions on its wearables and by launching special fitness-centric features.