How to Control Music on Boat Storm & Xplorer

The addiction to music lets it continue while we are working or in busy mode. These days every customer listens to their favorite music on different devices. When he is at home, then he listens to them on the TV, mobile, or laptop using home theaters. On the outside, most of the users listen to songs in the car or the workout modes. Now, in this time, they have to control it to change the song or pause while talking with other people. Today’s smartwatches are capable to control music on your smartphone, so you don’t have to remove your phone out of pocket.

It is irritating when you have to remove your phone when every time you have to change the music or stop the music. It is where new Boat Storm & Boat Xplorer watches come to save you. Both watches come with a Music Control function to control all the songs or YouTube videos. From Apple Watch to Galaxy Watch and from Amazfit GTR 2 to Realme Watch 2, all come with a Music Control function. Though being budget-friendly watches Boat Storm & Boat Xplorer lacks in some features.

They don’t show the names of songs on the main screen. Apart from that, you can use it perfectly. Now, let’s talk about how to control music on Boat Storm & Boat Xplorer.

Music Control on Boat watch

Music Control Boat Storm

1. Open Boat ProGear app

2. Tap on the Music Control function

3. Activate Music Control

4. Now, play any song or YouTube video on a smartphone

5. Open Music Control app on Boat watch

6. Now, control songs from the smartwatch

From the Boat Storm or Boat Xplorer, you can play the next song, play previous, increase volume, decrease volume, pause, or resume songs and end it. The only drawback is, you can’t see the song name on the main screen. The song name could add in the next updates. Use this service, and get the most from your Boat smartwatches.