Telegram & Snapchat on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

The appearance of the Telegram app on the Apple Watch series & Wear OS smartwatches has boosted their credibility. The social media app has been downloaded by more than a billion users across the world. It is the reason when users demanded it on their wearables, the team behind the development started to build it. It is more than four years when Telegram is available on Apple & Android platforms. It is not the same with Tizen OS. Even after launching branded smartwatches like Galaxy Watch 3 & Active 2, it still didn’t get Telegram or Snapchat apps.

There is a rumor about the adoption of Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 4, and that may give access to Telegram. Samsung’s next smartwatch may bring more features and advanced hardware specs, though it is not in their hands to launch these apps. Despite the fact, Telegram or Snapchat is not available in Galaxy Store, there is a way to receive important messages. In the latest update, Samsung has taken care that all the images inside incoming messages will show on the screen. Follow these guides on how to use Telegram & Snapchat on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2.

Telegram & Snapchat on Galaxy Watch 3

Telegram on Galaxy Watch 3

1. Open Play Store or App Store

2. Download Telegram & Snapchat

3. Login to these apps

4. Open Galaxy Wearable app

5. Tap on Notifications

6. Turn on the Notifications

7. Scroll down below until you see Telegram & Snapchat

8. Turn the toggle on

9. Now, you will receive app notifications

With these steps, you can now get all the updates of the apps. To view the messages, see the orange tick on your smartwatch. If you see it, then slide your finger from left to right on the main screen. Now, tap on the message to open and read it. The Galaxy Watch 3, Active, Active 2 & the previous watches allow you to see inside images. Also, you can reply to them, delete them or neglect them.