Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Flip 4 to See Increment in Memory Storage

Galaxy Z Fold 4 News

A new source has claimed memory expansion on the next Galaxy Z fold 4 & Flip 4 foldable. The source for Fold 4 & Flip 4 is from SamMobile, and we know how they are trusty when it comes to Samsung products. The tech website now claims Samsung will offer a Flip 4 with a 512GB internal storage option. It is the first time the company will offer that much storage on its clamshell foldable.

On Galaxy Z Flip & Flip 3, Samsung has only offered 256GB storage space. The first flip phone launched in 2020, and at that time, the company was dealing with many problems. The demand for new smartphones was very low, so obviously the production was also low.

Now, everything is in Samsung’s favor including market shares, and it doesn’t want to miss the chance. Further, the company has removed microSD slots from all its flagship phones, so more storage will give relief for hard users who want to save everything on their phones.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 News

The other Galaxy Z Fold 4 is to see memory expansion this year. As per the report from the same source, highly confident in 1TB internal memory storage. SamMobile mentions that this time Fold 4 will have a 1TB storage option. It will be the first time any phone offers such a huge amount of storage.

Most users may not require this amount of storage, but as we said, there are power users who might use it. Also, the technology is moving ahead like 4K camera recording consumes much space. In this situation, Samsung might want to stay ready. Will you buy a foldable phone with such a crazy amount of storage?