Galaxy S23 FE May Not Come, Instead, we Get Tri-Fold Galaxy Device

Galaxy S23 Major Update

The new rumor emerged with a bit of a dying Galaxy S23 FE smartphone. Since the last few months, rumors have mixed feeling about Samsung’s fan edition lineup, and now the new rumor Yogesh Brar makes a statement on the termination of the S23 FE this year. He mentions Samsung will focus on Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Flip 5 instead of the new fan edition.

Further, he adds the company is planning to focus on a tri-fold device in its future list. The phone with tri-fold is not an easy task, so Samsung is only focusing on that part. The project still is in development, so there is room for doubt about S23 FE and its release date.

Samsung has already discontinued Galaxy S22 FE from this year’s list. Some rumors still believe the Korean company may not delete this series. In the last few years, it has discontinued Galaxy Note 21, Galaxy A74, and Galaxy S22 FE series phones from the market. It will announce the next Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Flip 5 this August.