With WatchOS 9.4 Users can Delete Native Apps from Apple Watch

Recently, Apple released WatchOS 9.4 version for all the supported Apple Watches. There are many changes in this version including some new features. Now in the finding, it has been noticed users can delete native Apple apps from the smartwatch. It will not affect the same app on iPhone, so users can delete them independently.

Previously, Apple had prohibited deleting its native apps from the Apple Watch. if they do, then the companion app also gets deleted. Because of this insane rule, many users put these unwanted apps on their watches. Now, they can delete any app like Maps or Wallet to use third-party apps like Google Maps.

WatchOS 9.4 Features

In the list, users can delete Find My, Maps, Activity, Depth, Wallet, Emergency Siren, Heart Rate, and World Clock. For now, the Photos and Audiobook apps are not on the list. Not all these apps are bad. Users still most of these apps, but some prefer other apps from third-party creators. Are you using these apps or prefer other apps?