WatchOS 9.4 Update Released for Supported Apple Watches

Apple has finally opened WatchOS 9.4 software version for the general public. It has some serious bug fixing including the recently found issue in the wake-up alarm. Further, cycle tracking and AFib health functions are now available in more countries. Apple rolled out the developer release candidate on March 21, and now it is widely available for all users.

The major issue in the previous version was users facing the wake-up alarm goes silent when they accidentally touch the screen in sleep. It has been solved, and accidental touches will not silence it. The women’s health tool Cycle tracking with retrospective ovulation estimates and cycle deviation alerts is now supported in Moldova and Ukraine.

Apple Watch WatchOS 9.4 Update

Finally, AFib history is available in Colombia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Thailand, and Moldova countries. To install WatchOS 9.4, go to Settings in Watch app, and tap on Software Update. It is rolling out globally for supported Apple Watches, and you can download it safely.