eSIM-only iPhone 15 will Launch in More Countries

Apple this year launched iPhone 14 series with an eSIM-only option. The US is the first country to get this version. Now, with the upcoming iPhone 15 series, the company will launch these models in more countries. According to the source, Apple could introduce it in France, and probably in some more European Countries and the UK.

Apple always planned to release eSIM-only devices for their customers. Finally, when users are ready, it is implanting it. There are many benefits of having eSIM in the device. It doesn’t require any physical SIM and you can use up to 8 eSIMs on the smartphone. In roaming, users don’t have to swap or remove their SIMs.

iPhone 15 eSIM-only

Users can also share the same numbers with their other gadgets such as iPads or Apple Watch. Samsung has also introduced eSIM on most of its flagship models and now planning to bring it to mid-range phones. For Apple, it will take some time to bring it to countries like India & China.