Oppo & OnePlus Confirms Not Quitting from any European Country

OnePlus 11 Launched

Throughout the day, the entire internet has been talking about Oppo & OnePlus planning to leave some parts of Europe. It was first reported by 36 Krypton, and later a tweet from Max Jombor validate it. The official spokesperson has come ahead, and now he has denied it and says it is false news, and they don’t have any plan to exit from some parts of Europe.

The news earlier came ahead and reported that these companies may stop selling their products in the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. The backup to the news could be the poor sales of these brands in these countries. Oppo has literally failed to do business in Europe as their sales have been down 39% in Q4 2022 alone.

OnePlus has also failed to show its magic with the previous OnePlus 10 series. None of these reasons will stop these companies to stop their sales. For sure, both companies are working on new strategies to grab users’ attention like the newly launched OnePlus 11 and Oppo Find N2 Flip are impressive products.