Top 10 Apps for OnePlus 9, 9R & 9 Pro

In 2021, the list of flagship phones has increased by massive numbers. It started with Samsung’s Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra, and now OnePlus has its new lineup to impress users. The OnePlus 9, 9R & 9 Pro are now in the major countries with better specifications. Like Galaxy S21 & iPhone 12 series, this year, OnePlus has introduced three devices in its OnePlus 9 lineup. The previous OnePlus 8T variants were more than enough to play any games and use complex apps. OnePlus 9 is one step ahead in the race.

The company has launched the OnePlus 9 series with a 120Hz refresh rate and a highly advanced Qualcomm chipset. The Android Play Store has stored millions of apps to take advantage of to use in your favor. The article will explore such essential and highly rated apps for the new range.

The list will combine with top-notch camera apps, even when the ninth series pusses industry-standard camera setup. I will also cover some of the best entertainment, social media, news, camera filter, and many other top 10 apps for the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R & OnePlus 9 Pro.

Best Apps for OnePlus 9

1. Signal

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

Most users get their eyes on it when WhatsApp changed its privacy policy. A signal app is known for keeping your privacy secure and without any ads. The app received much fame after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about it. One of the most influenced people on earth requested users to use Signal instead of Facebook & WhatsApp Messenger.

The app has everything that you will get from WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Line, and other sharing apps. The Signal app takes care of your privacy at a high level that in the ad, the CEO said user’s personal information is useless to us to store.

Download: Signal

2. TouchRetouch

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

Have you ever felt you have captured one of the best images of your life, but someone has spoiled it? This happens when we try to take beautiful images on many occasions, but someone spoils them. Now, the highly trending app in the Play Store has come to rescue you.

The new TouchRetouch app will remove all the unwanted, objects, manmade things, and even living things from the images. Most photographers don’t like photobombers who come suddenly in our taken images. Many times trash cans, traffic lights, wires, vehicles, and many other objects come in the photo. Easily, you can remove all of them from your image to make it perfect.

Download: TouchRetouch

3. Microsoft Outlook

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

The classic platform to manage your emails in one place. The Windows users or computer users relate to the Microsoft Outlook service. It is a famous app since the beginning, and still, millions of users use it. With Microsoft Outlook, you can receive and send emails from your OnePlus 9. It also reminds you about the most important meetings and organizes all the emails.

You can connect Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, and email providers to Outlook, and synchronize them. Further, create meetings and make video calls using Zoom, Webex, Teams & Bluejeans. The Outlook app is available in the Play Store, as well as in Tizen OS.

Download: Microsoft Outlook

4. Spotify Lite

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

To fulfill the demand of users, Spotify has introduced the Lite version in the Play Store. The Spotify Lite version will take less time to load, take minimum storage space to install, and gives maximum experience. Spotify has varieties of songs in its library. Choose your favorite song and start playing music without any interruption. You can choose your favorite singer, movie, album, or genre from the list.

The premium users can also download songs in the offline mode to listen to later. Spotify also contains a vast library of podcasts in different categories. On your OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R & OnePlus 9 Pro, Spotify is a must-use app.

Download: Spotify Lite

5. Photo Editor, Filters & Effects, Presets – Lummi

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

As the name is long of the app, the list of functions included in it is also long. The name Photo Editor, Filters & effects, Presets – Lummi app has earned well ratings from users. More than a half-million users have rated this app, and now it enjoys a 4.8-star rating in the Play Store.

You will get over 100 effects, filters, and stickers. You can use any themes, remove background, use double exposure, and customize filters. It gives most of the needy functions in the free version.

Download: Photo Editor

6. Logo Maker 2021

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

You may have heard the name of Canvas or used it on many occasions. The Canvas is the first name for every YouTuber, Blogger, or small company. With Canvas, you can create beautiful logos within seconds. Though Canvas is the best option, the new name Logo Maker 2021 3D Logo Designer, Logo Creator app is now trending.

With over 5000 pre-installed logos, you can choose the best for you. From small companies to YouTubers, and website owners need a catchy logo for their business. The Logo Maker 2021 will help you to make the best logo for your business.

Download: Logo Maker

7. Lose Weight App for Men/Women

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

The name might sound like a fake app or catchy advertised app, but it is one of the best fitness apps in the store. The Lose Weight App for Men/Women deserves a top spot in the Play Store ranking. It gives a proper plan and workout to achieve your goal.

It will help you to lose your fat and get a slim belly. There are 30 days plans you have to follow, and the coaches will guide you in it. For men & women, there are two different apps, and I will link them below. Download the app, and start your monthly plan according to the app.

Download: For Men / For Women

8. Crypto News

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

Investing in the share market is not new to the world, but investing in Crypto is still unknown to most people. This is where Crypto News will come to guide you. It will provide you with all the news regarding Cryptocurrencies and investing methods.

With the latest news and information, you will get up-to-date prices of Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos. Note that, we are not saying or forcing you to invest in this most volatile market. Get enough knowledge before coming to any conclusion.

Download: Crypto News

9. Threema

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

Another secure app to send your messages to your friends, family, or colleagues. After the changes in users’ privacy policy of WhatsApp Messenger, there is storm came in the market. Many new apps claimed that their new app is the most secure.

Threema, Secure and Private Messenger has also emerged from that storm. It sports many features like text messages, audio messages, video calling, audio calling, and many more. Many users find it more secure than Signal, Telegram, and other messaging apps.

Download: Threema

10. My Budget Book

Best OnePlus 9 Pro Apps

My Budget Book app comes at a heavy price. Later it will help you to manage your budget. With regular tracking, you can know the difference between your income and expenses. This way, you will learn more about the financial gap and know where to save money.

You can calculate your money with graphs and stats to understand it better. Spending too much on clothes, vehicles, or other expenses? Then My budget will tell you where you need to save extra money by adding a cap.

Download: My Budget Book

I have covered all the apps for your OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9R & OnePlus 9 pro smartphones. All the apps are available globally in the Play Store.