Best Camera Apps for Galaxy S21 Series

Expert RAW App

The Galaxy S20 Ultra was the first device to enter the market with the moon shot function. With the 108MP camera and 100x zoom, anyone can capture beautiful photos of the moon or long-range shots. This year, with the Galaxy S21, Samsung has improved the lenses of Galaxy S21, S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra. The same 108MP camera lens now gets even clear pictures and shows more details. Despite the good camera department & upgraded lenses, many users need some third-party apps to acquire better picture quality.

It is difficult to compare the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera with iPhone 12 Pro Max, though with some margins, iPhone 12 Pro Max wins. For better photography and advanced editing, you can use camera apps that can help in the process. You can easily edit captured images on your computer with the help of premium Adobe or Microsoft software, but both cost huge money and the necessity of buying a computer.

Android Play Store & Galaxy Store has some excellent & innovative apps that you can use with your daily photography. You can try these best photography or camera apps on your Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Top Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera apps

1. Google Camera

Best Galaxy S21 Camera Apps

Probably the best camera app from the Google team for the range of Android smartphones. Google developers have created it to enhance the photo quality on a flagship or some mid-range Android phones. Most of the premium Galaxy devices support this app. The Galaxy S21 series can use the Google Camera app. The features include HDR+ with dual exposure control, portrait, long shot, top shot, night mode, and super res zoom. The Google Camera also works great in video stabilization and other essential functions. You can download it from Android Play Store.

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2. OS13 Camera

Best Galaxy S21 Camera Apps

The app is inspired by the iOS 13 camera on the latest generation iPhone models. You may like it or not, but iPhones always put themselves on the next station. As I said earlier, iPhone 12 series produces better photos & videos than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. With the OS13, you may get advanced features and probably receives better quality. The 4K support in both video recording & photos, HDR mode, white screen flash, ISO, white balance, silent capture, and more are available on the app.

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3. HD Camera Pro & Selfie camera

Best Galaxy S21 Camera Apps

It is again helpful in your daily photography or occasional photo saving. One HW Camera gives you the power to get professional image capturing. When you take images from the HD Camera Pro & Selfie Camera, then you will get more functions. It offers quick snaps, beauty selfies, auto stabilizes, HD video recording, dynamic range optimization mode, and continuous shooting. In the free version, you will get all the features, but the premium will run without ads.

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4. Camera360

Best Galaxy S21 Camera Apps

With over half a million ratings and over one billion users have downloaded it on their smartphones. You may not get moon photos with this app, but in the other section, it will help you. I will not recommend you to like the softer skin with the transform features, but the other functions may help you to get the functions. It includes 300+ filters, over 100 stickers, and short videos to create the perfect album. It is serving users for many years, and still maintained high ratings in the Play Store.

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5. Camera Zoom FX Premium

Best Galaxy S21 Camera Apps

The Camera Zoom FX Premium is the paid version, and as its name says it uses DSLR controls. It allows you to take raw capture, ISO, focus distance, exposure, burst mode, and shutter speed. Further, it takes combines shooting with a timer + HDR and stable + timelapse. On the Camera Zoom FX Premium, developers have included 100s of effects for the perfect shots. With the app, you can enhance photography on the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones.

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6. Expert RAW

Expert RAW App

It is the most advanced and most recommended camera app for Galaxy S21 series. It has launched with many vital functions that improve the camera quality of the device. It was first launched on Galaxy S22 series and is now available for older models. You can adjust the blur, adjust colors, use different modes, enhance low visibility, or better pictures in night mode. The Expert RAW app is available to download in Galaxy Store.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra may not need the app for creating images, but for editing them, you can use these apps. Samsung has included plenty of innovative functions for the camera like Director’s View mode. Still, if you need extra help, then go with these third-party apps. These are available in the Play Store.