New Patent from Apple Shows Under-Display Sensor on iPhone & Apple Watch

Apple New iPhone Patent

A new patent of Apple has been discovered for its iPhone & Apple Watch. The patent reveals Apple is working on an advanced under-display sensor for Biometrics and Gesture controls on iPhone & Apple Watch lineup. It explains the use of a quantum film infrared sensor that will generate sensor data based on received infrared light.

Later, the received data will be processed by control circuitry to perform proximity sensing, capture images of external objects, detect physical gestures, track object location, and identify facial features. More than that, the new patent will also help to detect the direction of a user’s gaze.

Apple New iPhone Patent

Despite the fact Apple filed this patent, it will not come to Apple devices before 2025. The source who discovered this patent explains there is an issue with the current iPhone sensor. The Apple engineers are working on it to bring it to the given schedule. It will be implemented on both the iPhone series and Apple Watch series.