Gmail & Calendar Apps for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

In the latest Google I/O conference, the company promised to bring two new apps to the Wear OS watches. It is the first installment of its promise which it had made last year. Now, it has announced to launch Gmail app and Calendar for Wear OS, which means Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5. The news is official so we can trust it and for a few more weeks or months to use it. WhatsApp Messenger has reached to smartwatch audience, so Google might not take more time for the watch version.

To be fair, Google & Facebook are late to introduce their apps on smartwatches. Facebook on the other hand has the Messenger app on Apple Watch, but not for Wear OS. The Gmail rival service Microsoft Outlook is available for Wear OS and Tizen OS for quite a long time. It has perfectly crafted for small hands, and it works fine. The WhatsApp rivals Line, Telegram (now removed), and KakaoTalk also landed on the smartwatch platform back in 2021 with all original features.

Gmail on Galaxy Watch

Gmail is one of the popular email apps on smartphones, and now with the trend, it will come to watches. In the past, Google has introduced its YouTube Music, Google Maps, Google Home, Play Store, and many other apps. Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 support Wear OS 3 & later to get Wear OS 4, so they will be the first to get Gmail and Calendar apps. The Galaxy Watch 6 series will launch in August, where we could see a first glance at upcoming software, apps, and services.