First Galaxy Buds Pro Update Gets Hearing Aid Function

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro which has just launched two days ago is now receiving its first update. Samsung has dispatched the latest firmware version R190XXU0AUA to install on the new Buds Pro. In the new version, Samsung has launched the Hearing Aid function for the users who are going through hearing issues. The Ambient sound feature on the Galaxy Buds series is quite helpful in this situation, but Samsung has now specifically built it for those users. In the market, only a few earbuds like AirPods Pro & Olive Pro offers a Hearing Aids feature.

Furthermore, the users with a hearing problem can adjust the balance of the left & right ear sounds of the earbuds. Not all users have hearing issues with both ears, so they can adjust the sound from the setting. With the Hearing Aids function, users can think about forgetting their hearable devices at home. Finally, the latest software improves Bixby voice calling behavior, and the company has squashed known bugs to provide stability.

First Galaxy Buds Pro Update

The new piece of code in size of 2.20MB is now available to install in South Korea. Keep checking your Galaxy Buds Pro in your country, as it will soon reach you. It is not the first time Samsung has become superfast to release its first update. The company does it with all its new premium smartphones & wearables. Last year, the Galaxy S20 series & Galaxy Buds+ were fast enough to get it even before reaching customers, now it’s Buds Pro’s turn.