AT&T Releases Tizen 4.0 Update To Gear S3 Frontier & Classic

The AT&T users in US are now receiving new Tizen 4.0 update on Samsung Gear S3 Frontier & Classic smartwatches. Early of this month Verizon has already released this update to its customers and this week Samsung released it all across the world. The latest update will bring the Gear S3 models closer to the Galaxy Watch. The new firmware version is R765AUCU2DSA1/R765AATT2DSA1/R765AUCU2DSA1 and brings Tizen version to the watch.

In the latest version notable features are the improved Samsung Health function, it now supports indoor activities and sleep tracking will keep watch on your health. The other main changes are two advanced modes – Thatre & Sleep. You will get all notifications in the specific time & place without any disturbance. For the busy person it is good to stay away from any distraction and this feature can help to do it.

Gear S3 Update

In the new update Samsung has released WhatsApp related functions so you can get any WhatsApp messages on the main screen and can reply to them. WhatsApp notifications will now more clearer than ever and can seen from the watch so you don’t have to open your smartphone. Quick Panel will now displays 8 settings, icons or modes at the same time and customers can change it according to their preferences. With the new version MMS notifications can be seen in notification panel, previously it was limited to text & images, now it enhanced with MMS notifications support.

To get this update on your smartwatch you will receive notification or you can also check it manually. First open the Galaxy Wearable app on the smartphone, now select the Settings tab and go to the About Watch option. After that select Update Watch Software and tap Update Now button. Some users have mixed reviews about the new version, you can share us your own experience with Tizen 4.0 update in the comments section below.

Thanks Bill Doyle for this tip.

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