Download or Change Watch Faces on Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is now trying to stay in the wearable market with Apple, Samsung & Fitbit to gain market shares. Still, the company has to go much further to make room for itself in the smartwatch market. The LiteOS is slowly getting supported apps and watch faces for the wearables so users could take most of them. As both smartwatches are now running on LiteOS, you must know how to download apps & watch faces on your smartwatch. In this article, we will briefly guide you about how to install or change watch faces on the Watch GT series.

Note that, Huawei Health app on iOS devices doesn’t allow you to download watch faces. The support for Apple smartphones has yet to come, and it may happen with upcoming updates. To download the faces, switch to Android smartphones.

You can use family members or friend’s Android smartphones. Use it temporarily until you download your favorite faces and then switch back to your iPhone. Here are the steps to download or change watch faces on Huawei Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro.

Download watch faces on Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro

Watch Faces on Watch GT

1. Open Huawei Health app on Android smartphone

2. Now touch Devices, and then Device name

3. Here is the Watch Face

4. Here, choose a watch face as you like and install it

5. After installing, the watch will switch to a new face. You can make it default by touching Set as default

In this way, you can download & install new watch faces on your Huawei Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro smartwatches. To change the downloaded watch faces follow the below steps.

Change watch faces on Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro

You can change the main screen look of your watch in three ways.

1. Open Huawei Health App. Then go to Devices – Device name. Touch More next to Watch Faces. Here choose the ‘Mine’ option to select the different face and then Set as Default.

2. Touch & hold the main screen of your watch. Now swipe left or right to choose another watch face.

3. Press the Up button on the watch. Now swipe until you find Settings. In the setting, go to Display, and then Watch Face. Here swipe left or right to choose.

Huawei Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro comes with 16MB of memory space so it is difficult to store more watch faces at once. You can delete unused watch faces and then download another one. To remove it, go to Health app – Devices – Device name – More in watch faces – Mine. Here choose the watch face that you want to delete and then tap on the Delete icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3 thoughts on “Download or Change Watch Faces on Watch GT 2, GT 2e & GT 2 Pro

  1. John Edgar, it’s because these sites just copy and paste instructions from anywhere, just to get the click through, they don’t actually do this themselves to actually experience the horrid, impossible mess of not being able to load watch faces in North America, I’ve tried for 8 months. Nothing. Nobody addresses the ENORMOUS, #1 issue of Huawei not actually allowing any users to connect to Huawei’s servers. Thanks to the company ban, etc. Basically our watches are crippled for ever, we cannot but use the few really terrible looking watch faces that it comes with.
    You can find though, options to side load, but again, you’d need to be logged in to Huawei Mobile Services but you cannot. Not on this continent. I have found on Telegram a place where tens of thousands of insanely beautiful watch faces can be downloaded for absolutely free, meant for our watches, but not even this guy has a CLUE about this issue, and he’s the dude who teaches others how to side load with special apps and modified Huawei Health all and what not else.
    I’m sorry for the negativity, but I’ve lost all hope and feel like sueing Huawei, I’m beyond upset, I should say, pissed!

  2. You CAN NOT do this at all in Canada, or North America, ask Trump why, but it does not load anything, does not connect to Huawei servers so there’s not even a way to log in, to sync your own data with cloud, let alone access their online store. The side of the adding does not work either, as the Huawei Health, any version, won’t show ANY options or even mentions ability or Watch faces, let alone to install more.
    I have come across dozens of articles like yours, explaining a method that is ideal and only works in only ideal conditions, and none of them address this elephant in the living room. Not even the dozens and dozens of how tos on YouTube. I’m AMAZED that nobody addresses this, as 100% of Huawei Watch users cannot do this in North America.

  3. These settings don’t exist on my Health app. I can see any watch faces or the listed options.

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