The Pre-ordered Customers will get Galaxy Fold on September 11

Samsung is now more than in a hurry to launch Galaxy Fold in the market. Why not, after all the company has taken lots of time to reintroduce its first foldable phone to the end-users. Now we have more news to share about the actual launch date of Galaxy Fold. The pre-registration for Galaxy Fold has now started in South Korea. The KT telecom is taking pre-registration on its official website, KT Shop and the Galaxy Fold in the country is available for 2398,000 won. Customers can now apply to get the notifications when pre-orders start in the coming days.

The customers who have pre-registered for a new Galaxy Fold from KT Shop says September 11th is the date when they will receive their unlocked Galaxy Fold. The launch date has also confirmed by Samsung Digital Plaza employees and also says the carrier contract version will take another 20 days to open for pre-orders. Also, they have confirmed September 6th is the announcement date when Samsung will reintroduce it at the IFA event. The reservations are on ‘first come first serve’ basis so the customers who want to purchase new Galaxy Fold have to pre-book it from their telecom operators.

Galaxy Fold

According to the internal sources, each telecom carrier in South Korea has received 300-400 units, and there are only 2500 Galaxy Fold units are available in the first phase. At the moment we write, only KT Shop is taking pre-registration from the website and other operators will start to take it soon though SK Telecom has mentioned it on its official website but still not taking any action.

As we know South Korea will be the first country to get Samsung’s Fold before the world, and the US will be the second country to receive it. The pre-registration has already started in the US and AT&T carrier has also updated its new price plans for the device. Now we have to wait for the IFA event when Samsung officially re-launch it. If you are living in South Korea then signup on this KT Shop page to pre-order the Galaxy Fold smartphone.