Galaxy S9 & S9+ Gets Second Android 10 Beta Update

Samsung has pushed a second beta update of Android 10 for Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ smartphones. The latest version brings many fixes to the existing features to provide stability & improve the overall quality. The firmware version G96*FXXU7ZSL2 is now rolling out in India with the December security patch. Some major fixes are, the data leak by GPS, S Health measurement error, slow hotspot speed issue, can not enter security folder pattern, the noise of the Bluetooth devices.

It has fixed the rebooting issue that occurs while connecting mobile hotspot and when the VPN runs. Samsung Internet has also improved and the terminating problem while opening page with lots of text & images have been fixed. Samsung Dex has improved by solving the crashing issue to give the uninterrupted usage. The latest version also promises, the message ‘Call/text on other devices’ does not disappear in the quick panel.

Second Beta Update

For gamers, the heating problem has solved so they could play high graphics games for longer duration without device fever. Specifically, it mentioned that fixes come to Clash Royale game where smartphone reboots while playing. It also fixes, screen black right after unlocking the device with fingerprint recognition.

The new firmware has also dispatched with fixes for link sharing app and unsupported mobile hotspot 5GHz. The update for both Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ has released via OTA. You can check for the latest version from Settings > Software Update > Download & install. The stable Android 10 version for both galaxy S9 duo has scheduled in January 2020 in some countries.