Last month, Samsung launched Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic with Wear OS 3 version. It received most of the Google services including Google Fit, Google Play & Google Maps. Some of the apps like Google Assistant & YouTube Music was missing at the launching, but later the Music app made its way. the Google Assistant was always in the question of whether it will come to the Watch 4 series. Now, you may not like the latest answer from Watch Software Manager in South Korea.

In the answers to the questions of user, the Watch Software manager at Samsung Community responded that Google Assistant is not compatible with Galaxy Watch 4. When customer asked when Google Assistant will join Bixby service on the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch Software manager gave this answer. It raises the question, will Samsung bring Google Assistant support for Galaxy Watch 4 series in the future? The manager further said they are in talks with Google to provide a better experience. As per the previous reports, Google Assistant was supposed to come at a later date this year.

Here is the translation of the answer & original image. The first three answers are for other different questions of Galaxy Watch 4, so only refer to answer number 4:

Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4

Google Assistant service is not compatible, but we are continuously in discussions with partners to provide a better experience for our customers. You can check the details of the service support through the app developer.

Samsung & Google never officially said anything about Google’s voice assistant service on the Watch 4, but many sources claim it will come later. Right now, the Samsung Bixby service is the only option for users to make voice commands. The Play Store for Wear OS has some unofficial voice Assistant apps that you could try. We will inform you if there is a change in this answer by the Samsung team.

By Madhav Biradar

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