Samsung to Remove Depth Sensing Camera from Galaxy A Series

We all know how cameras changed on smartphones in the last few years. Every major company is now trying to catch up with the competition by introducing top-notch camera quality. Later, in the name of camera improvements, the companies built more sensors on the phone. And it is the reason we can now see triple and quad camera setups on the back of the phone. The Chinese maker was the first to introduce it, and Samsung is also in the race.

In the last few years, Samsung has also introduced many smartphones with such camera setups. All the Galaxy smartphones these days come with such a camera. Now, according to the industry news, the company wants to go back in reverse.

The report from The Elec claims that Samsung wants to reduce depth sensing cameras from its upcoming Galaxy A series smartphones. The next Galaxy A24, Galaxy A34 & Galaxy A54 devices may not have a quad-camera setup, but a triple-camera setup.

Galaxy A Series Camera

It doesn’t mean the company will compromise on camera quality. As always, the quality of the camera will improve, but it is trying to remove the unnecessary sensor. Samsung believes it can maintain the same quality by reducing useless sensors from the phone.

With this decision, the company wants to reduce the prices of its mid-range Galaxy A series smartphones. The Galaxy A24, Galaxy A34, and Galaxy A54 phones are expected to announce in March 2023.