Samsung is today seeding new software updates for Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra smartphones. The latest version brings extra security to the device from malicious apps. On May 18, Samsung announced to release of a solution to tackle the problem with app installation from unknown sources. After the installation, users have more control over the apps to decide whether to allow them or block them entirely. It adds new setting options in the Unknown Sources section on Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung has added the “Disallow All” function to the device, where users can entirely block malicious apps. When the user activates this function, then the smartphone will not respond to any suspicious apps from unknown sources. It will also show you a list of unidentified apps and let you control each app. The previous settings to install third-party apps will not go anywhere. If you trust the app, then you can also change the settings in the Unknown Sources section. By mistake, if you install a malicious app, then it will alert & warn you to take action.

Galaxy Note 20 May Update

Samsung says the new security solution will guard users against voice phishing. It will block the installation of apps with a verified history of use for voice phishing. The new app security update was first supposed to release for Galaxy S21 & Galaxy S22 series devices, but Note 20 comes first in line. The latest firmware version N98*NKSU1FVE9 has been released in South Korea. It is 1.2GB in size and carries a May security patch. The other Galaxy S21 & Galaxy S22 devices will soon receive this version.

By Madhav Biradar

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