After Spotify & YouTube Music, one more popular music streaming app appeared in Wear OS watches. SoundCloud has made an entry in the Wear OS for Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch 5 series smartwatches. It is not restricted to the Wear OS 3 version, instead, all the users of Wear OS 2, as well as other Wear OS, watches support it. It is officially entry and SoundCloud made sure to pack all the features inside the smartwatch app even though the watch has a small screen.

With the app, you can stream & listen to music from different genres. Users also can save the music files in offline mode to enjoy in remote areas. It let you share the music with other users and receive it from others.

The UI interface is clean and simple for easy navigation. In the center, you will find the play next/play previous, play/pause button, and music name on the upper side. On the below side, it has sound control and a favorite button.

The second tab offers a playlist, favorite music library, listening history, and settings. These are the only options available in the SoundCloud app. More features and advanced interface may come in the next few app updates.

For now, the app is only available for Beta testers. If you want to use it before others, then you can participate in the beta program and download it. The app supports Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, Fossil Gen 6, and other Wear OS watches.

Source: SoundCloud (Beta) | Via

By Madhav Biradar

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