Galaxy Watch 5 Gets Skin Temperature-based Cycle Tracking

Galaxy Watch 5 Update

In the new software update, Samsung has finally brought the much-awaited Skin temperature-based cycle tracking feature to Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro. The company had teased this function at the end of last year, and now women users can use it. Along with women’s health tools, women users can measure body temperature in the menstrual cycle from their Galaxy smartwatch.

Though there are many benefits of skin temperature, it is only available with women’s health tools for now. To access the function, head to the Samsung Health app to get accurate data in the cycle tracking section. Female users don’t need to do anything extra to measure the temperature.

Galaxy Watch 5 Update

As per the official statement, this feature is exclusive to the Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro. The Galaxy Watch 4 and the remaining watches don’t have access to it. The next Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Classic will also have this function, who knows with the improved sensor.