New Galaxy Buds Update Improved Call & Music Streaming Quality

Samsung is pushing new firmware to improve the quality of its cord-free earbuds. Last month, it released to stabilize the Bluetooth connection to fix the sound loss issue of the right earbud. Samsung Galaxy Buds have received a new update to improve call & music streaming quality of the hearable. The tiny firmware update comes with R170XXU0ASF3, and it counts 1.36MB in size. As per the changelog, It also fixed the error of Ambient Sound, and now battery lower level will display between the two earbuds on the phone.

The new version will improve phone call quality of the Buds in the outdoor activity and same goes to music streaming, now in the outdoor, music streaming will be more stable than before. The last version was mean to fix the error of Ambient Sound, but after installing the new version, many customers were complaining all again. This time, Samsung has rolled out another version to fix the issue, and we hope this time error has been solved.

Galaxy Buds Update

The new version is all about minor & major fixes; mainly, sound loss fixes for a right earbud. To improve the overall quality of your Galaxy Buds, you must jump to the latest software version. You can install the new version by visiting the Galaxy Wearable app. To check it manually, go to Settings – About Earbuds – Update earbuds, here hit on download option.