Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series Prices in India Revealed

Samsung has just announced Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro smartwatches in a special event. The watches are now available to pre-order in the US and some other major countries. The new smartwatch will also launch in India in the coming days. To promote it in India, Samsung will hold a special event, in which it will reveal the prices and other offers. Before that, now some tipsters leaked the prices for Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro smartwatches in the country.

The famous tipster Sudhanshu has revealed these prices in the country. As per the report, the price for Galaxy Watch 5 series will now start from Rs. 28,000 for the regular Galaxy Watch 5 40mm with a Bluetooth-only model.

The base price for the affordable smartwatch has increased this year. Last year, the Galaxy Watch 4 started from Rs. 24,000, but this time the cheapest model will start at Rs. 28,000, which is Rs. 4,000 more expensive than the previous model.

Further, the Watch 5 40mm LTE model will cost Rs. 33,000 in the country. Now moving ahead to the 44mm model, the Bluetooth-only version will cost Rs. 31,000, and the same LTE model will cost Rs. 36,000.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Series

And there is the Pro model with only a 45mm version. It comes for Rs. 45,000 if you go with the Bluetooth-only model, and Rs. 50,000 if you go with the LTE variant. The pre-orders in India will start on August 16, and sales will start on August 26.

You can purchase the watch through the Samsung India website or Amazon India website. The smartwatches will also be available in Samsung stores in almost all the major cities in India.