Samsung Releases New Firmwares for Galaxy Watch 4 & 4 Classic

Samsung is now releasing the new firmware updates for the Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic smartwatches. It is the second update for these new Wear OS-powered watches. The first update was released before they get even launched in the market, so technically it is the first firmware after launch. The new update brings Samsung Health function in the settings. Samsung Health is an essential part of Samsung’s wearables. It is out there on every Tizen OS watches including Galaxy Watch 3. With the added function users can manage all the health-related features from it.

Furthermore, the company has given a cancel button to the automatic workout detection. As we know it is a very good function. As per our workouts, it gets activated and tracks them. Though it is a good feature, some users may want to cancel and go back to manual mode. Like when we are walking or running, it automatically detects and starts measuring it. In this case, if a user doesn’t want to track to save battery or other reason, they can close it by just tapping on the ‘X’ button.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Update

Finally, the volume adjustment has been added to the quick panel. Users can add a volume control option from the settings of the quick panel. Also, Samsung has improved the accuracy of calorie measurements of cycling exercises. The firmware is available to install in the US & most of the European countries including the UK, Germany & Italy. You can identify new software with firmware number R8**XXU1BUH9 for Galaxy Watch 4 & 4 Classic variants.