Samsung Witnessed 121% Smartwatch Growth in NA

The latest report from Canalys shares important data about the performance of the wearables market in North America(NA). It reports that in the second quarter of this year, 7.7 million units were shipped in the NA market. Compared to the 5.6 million units of the previous year, the current year witnessed a 38% rise in the smartwatch market. A glance at the report indicates that Apple Watch dominates the market with 2.9 million units sold out in this quarter.

Compared to the same time period of last year, Apple experienced a 32% improvement in its shipments. However, Apple saw a slight decline in its market share in the Continent, compared to Q2 last year.

Fitbit gains the second position in N. America’s wearable band market with a 24.1% market share. It sold out 1.9 million units in the quarter and experienced an 18% improvement in shipments year over year.

Samsung Sees 121% Smartwatch Growth

Samsung doubled its shipments and delivered 0.8 million units, compared to the 0.4 million units of Q2 last year. This drastic improvement in Samsung’s shipments is the result of its fitness focussed Galaxy Watch & Watch Active series smartwatches.

The South Korean company has a 10.6% share of the North American smartwatch market and occupies third place after Apple and Fitbit. Though the numbers are really strong. It witnessed 121% growth in the North American region, which is way more than any other players in the same continent.

Smartwatch Market Growth

Obviously, the new Samsung smartwatches gained Samsung a significant share in the market and soared its shipments to 121%. In this competitive wearable market, the company which fulfills the customer demand of smartwatches with health-related and other intelligent features in the affordable price range will obviously gain a significant market share.

According to the report, Garmin with a 7% market share placed at 4th position and Fossil Group with a market share of 4.1% has 5th place in the top five. The Canalys notes that smartwatch manufacturers target the price range of $200 to $299 in the Continent. It is clear from the data that 32% smartwatches shipped in the Q2 are from this price range against the 28% of $300 to $399.

Apple Watch offers the best combination of LTE connectivity and app ecosystem which is hard to beat by its rivals. Manufacturers are approaching customers through products with comprehensive features and wide connectivity as well as the best price tag. This is the driving force for the wearable market in the continent.