10 Best Games for Galaxy M20 & Galaxy M10

Samsung launched its new lineup Galaxy M series to target Indian customers with the mid-range prices to counter Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo phones. The Galaxy M20 is kindly upper model to fit in mid-range category, the price and its specs tell the story so far. And the smaller one Galaxy M10 is best device below Rs. 10,000 in the country. Now both available from Amazon India website and from Samsung stores. The bigger screen and larger 5000mAh battery on this smartphone is so perfect to play your favorite games that you can play PUBG or Fortnite or any other games for hours & hours.

For such a huge games we have listed some best graphics games that get all advantage of Galaxy M20 & Galaxy M10 smartphones. Today’s games requires lots of space & high speed to drive them and these below games are such few games that comes with high demand. You should consider playing these 10 games on your new smartphones.

1. Racing Moto

As per the name, Racing Moto is all about fast car racing game. It is a fastest paced racing game designed specially for racing lovers and the best graphics smartphone users. Samsung Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M10 have a great full HD graphics card so you will enjoy this game while playing. If you want to win the race then you have to tilt your phone to control directions of your car and have to tap screen so that you could accelerate car. If your car could get accelerator at perfect time then your scores will be high. You have to drive your moto very fast from deserts, forest, city and bridges. The Racing Moto is free in Android Play Store.

2. Real Cricket Go

Galaxy M20 GamesThis is the 3D cricket game-play, comes with excellent graphics & some eye catching visual effects. Cricket is world famous outdoor game which is played almost everywhere. Now playing this game on your Galaxy M20 and M10, you will feel like you are playing original cricket on cricket pitch. It has international tournaments so you could enjoy complete cricket tricks and tact. It is also supporting for upcoming 512 RAM smartphones and comes in low file size.

3. Sniper Strike – FPS 3D Shooting Game

The Sniper Strike is also a 3D sniper shooting game. It has three game-play modes and lots of battle war missions and combats. You have to connect with friends by going online and then need to plan your strategy which will help you to defeat your opposition force. You have to rescue another force and kill him to win battle war in short time. Sniper Strike will keep you engage in it with its addictive gameplay, amazing graphics with HD resolutions.

4. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Best Galaxy M20 GamesIt is introduced by the inventors of Candy Crush Saga. In this Match-3 genre you will see too many new candies and combinations available with overflow of purple soda. To get extra hand it has IAP extra moves. You have to buy them by paying online amount. It has 140 plus Candy Crush Soda Saga levels. Player have to switch candies to release purple soda and hidden bears. You can use Google Play Games to get automatic sign-in, achievements and more. You can download it by Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20’s Play Store for no purchasing charge.

5. Lords Mobile: Battle of The Empires

It is again a warrior’s game and has epic multiplayer battle modes. Countless monsters and difficulties are there to create critical conditions between battle and to stop you from creating your own kingdom. You have to fight with empire warlord’s opponents and save your fighters and legendary clash to get victory. Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires is created only for 12 years and above age group. It will prevent your phone from sleeping mode and retrieve running applications. You will receive all incoming data by internet and Wi-Fi while playing and give you full network access.

6. Unfinished Mission

In unfinished mission, your biggest challenge as a soldier and your character’s demand is to save innocent public from aggressive enemies and opposition army force. This game is power packed with full of actions, different situations and difficulties. You have to combine your resources to fight against monsters and upgrade your level of action. Once your mission will get completed, you will get recognise and it will help you to upgrade your sniper’s abilities to go for further level. As I said, this game is full of shooting and attacks on each other. You have to defend your soldier’s character from bullets and other harmful weapons.

7. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is again a Next-Gen Motorbike racing game. You have 29+ motorbikes for option and have to choose your favourite one from them. All motorbikes are high in features and speed control sections. The most amazing thing is the real motorbike sounds and accelerating volumes are recorded in it from real bikes. You will feel like you are riding original motorbike instead of unreal vehicle. You have 70+ missions to complete with your extraordinary skills of racing and defeat. Traffic Ridar are supporting almost 19+ languages.

8. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is counted in most played games in world and also became one of the top 10 games for Galaxy M10 and M20. It has high-quality graphics, realistic weapons and HD audio sounds. PUBG Mobile allows you to play only if you are 16+ because it contains harmful weapons, strikes, attacks, firing, etc. which is not for the 16 years and below children. PUBG Mobile is the best game for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and other Galaxy Note series. This is not just a game but a royal battle war between two armies.

9. Sprinkle Island

It is physics-based puzzle game where you have to use some special skills to complete your task. You are a fireman and you have to control fire to save others life. Story begins on the Titan planet where fire has spread in village, now its your duty to save those innocent people by controlling that fire. It is not easy work because all the homes and other places are in tricky ways that it becomes very challenging to control the fire. Use your physics talent and save all animals on the unknown world. Sometime in a game you need to fight with other creatures to win the battle. The Sprinkle Island game is very challenging and available for $1.99 in Play Store.

10. Ski Safari

Best Galaxy M10 GamesIt is one of the best Ski skating game in the Play store. In it, you can do handstands, strike daring poses, snowboard nose-grabs and 360-degree spins. This is multiplayer game so you can play with friends and relatives too. To get rewards against your strategical game, new gears, powerful vehicles and power-packed costumes you have to collect some extra coin collections by skating upside-down and have to do quick escape. Ski Safari comes with 3D graphics effect so you will enjoy a lot while playing.

These all 10 games are counted in best top most games for Samsung Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20. Most of the games are free to download but you have to pay for some games which contains some small amount of cost. You can download it from Play Store very easily. If you want any kind of information regarding this, then you can comment your query in comment box given below.