SpO2 Tracking Guide on Noise ColorFit Smartwatches

Noise doesn’t offer its smartwatches outside India, but it has a big slice of shares in the country. In the fiscal year, it has gained more than 25% shares in the wearable market, and it is big deal in the countries like India. In recent few years, Noise has enhanced all its products with better hardware and advanced software features. Noise ColorFit Pro 3, ColorFit Ultra & ColorFit Pulse has all the features that new users want from their first wearable. You may not able to compare them with the flagship watches, but for the entry-level prices, they are the best.

In the last few Noise watches, SpO2 tracking is a very common feature. For the truth, all the wearables in the last two years is carrying blood oxygen monitoring functions. In the last few articles, we have successfully tested this function on Noise rival Boat Storm, Boat Xplorer, and other watches like Galaxy Watch 3, Watch 4 as well as fitness trackers like Honor Band 6. Here, we will discover how much this function is accurate to compare to these rival watches. Also, I will guide you on how you can track it on your Noise watches.

SpO2 on Noise ColorFit

1. Start with the main screen

SpO2 on Noise ColorFit

When you turn on the Noise ColorFit watches, then you will find the main display or first screen. It is the screen where you see the default watch face and other vital information.

2. Slide the finger from right to left

Fron main display slides your finger from right to left to see all the menus. It is the section to see all the pre-installed services on the Noise ColorFit. All the activities, health features, and other essential features are available here.

3. Open Blood Oxygen function

SpO2 on Noise ColorFit

On the home screen of apps & services, there is an option called Blood Oxygen or SpO2. Tap on the service to start measuring your score.

4. Wear your watch tightly

SpO2 on Noise ColorFit

Before going to measure your blood oxygen level, make sure you have tightly worn the smartwatch on your wrist. If you don’t, then you will fail to receive inaccurate results.

5. Start measuring

SpO2 on Noise ColorFit

There are no hard steps to follow. To start measuring, just tap on the Blood Oxygen app, and in three-second it will start. To get the SpO2 results, don’t move your hand or wrist. Within 30 seconds, you will get the final score.

6. Failed, then try again

Sometimes when you move the hand or due to some other reason, if it failed to get the score, then don’t worry. You can try again to get the results.

In medical terms, it is good to have an above 90% score for better blood oxygen saturation. If your score is showing below 90%, then you should consult the doctor.

In the next article, I will compare Noise ColorFit results with the Samsung & Honor wearables.