Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Offers Advanced ANC & Voice Detect Features

The latest Galaxy Buds 2 Pro has finally launched at Samsung’s special tech event. In the same event, it unveiled premium Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4, Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro. The new earbuds have shared the same stage to reveal all the improved and new features. After a year, Samsung launched the new Buds 2 Pro, when in the same event we have seen Galaxy Buds 2. The new buds offer advanced intelligent Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) and Voice detection features.

For a better wearing experience, the Buds 2 Pro is 15% smaller than its predecessors. It comes with an aerodynamic design and has a special vent hole and nozzle grille for effective airflow. It features a three-mic system and has an enlarged windshield.

Speaking of, the Buds 2 Pro has 10mm drivers that come in each bud and supports 24-bit Hi-Fi sound to improve sound quality during calls and music listening. The 360-degree audio feature has been implemented inside the buds for a rich audio experience.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Earbuds

In terms of improvements, it gets intelligent ANC, which reduces noise by three more decibels than the previous buds. The new Voice detect function will automatically know if you are talking to someone else, and it reduces the voice.

The Buds 2 Pro has a 61mAh battery which is capable to run for 5 hours with ANC and 8 hours without ANC function. The case provides a 515mAh battery to deliver extra 29 hours of juice. The pre-orders for the earbuds have now started, and the sales will begin on August 26. It is available for $230 in the US.