Galaxy Watch 5 Series Revealed in Samsung App, no Classic Variant

Along with the One UI Watch 4.5 beta update, Samsung has also upgraded other essential apps. Samsung Health is one of those apps to receive a new beta version. After the installation, the new app version is now revealing a couple of upcoming features. Yesterday, we covered the skin temperature feature spotted in the app. Now, 9to5google has revealed upcoming Galaxy watches have listed in the app. In the finding, Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro have listed the compatible devices.

The unreleased devices have been added before their launch date, which is in July or August. It reveals only two watches when there are supposed to be three. Many sources have previously reported “Classic” variant will be discontinued this year. The rumors might be true as we can’t find a classic model.

We are not sure for now, or later Samsung may add a Classic variant. The previous rumors claimed Samsung will take care of battery life on new watches by placing bigger batteries. The Watch 5 Pro would be packed with 572mAh battery power.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Revealed
Source: 9to5google

Even the regular model will produce a good amount of juice to run for a day. Another big change would be the lack of touch rotating bezels from the smartwatches. To pack a larger battery, Samsung could leave a rotating bezel behind.

On the next Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, Samsung may use sapphire glass to give a premium feel. As the company has started the One UI Watch 4.5 beta program for Galaxy Watch 4 series, we can see its stable version on the next watches. Samsung may hold the next event for the Watch 5 series at the end of May or in early August.

Source: 9to5google