Samsung may Discontinue Rotating Bezels on Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung may kill one of the main functions with the Galaxy Watch 5. According to the industry sources, the company may discontinue the rotating bezel on the next Galaxy Watch 5 series watches. Yes, the company might have decided to go without a bezel ring, and that is including a digital rotating bezel. If the sources are true, then Samsung will lose one of its major trademarks on the Galaxy Watch lineup. Since the first Galaxy Watch 2018 model, the bezel ring is part of every Galaxy Watch.

It is the main feature that separates Samsung smartwatches from the other crowded watches. In the market, only Samsung offers a bezel ring, and not even anyone tried it. With the rotating bezel, many users have found it natural to navigate or control menus and services on the watch. It is a simple and effective way to rotate through all the downloaded apps, health functions, and other stuff. And now with the Galaxy Watch 5 series, users may have to use the touchscreen for that.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Bezel Ring
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

It is not the first time Samsung thought to get rid of this function. In the back, the company launched Galaxy Watch Active without a rotating bezel. Later, due to the huge demand from users, Samsung revised it with Galaxy Watch Active 2 and also activated it on the Watch Active. Both devices were having digital rotating bezels, but enough for users to navigate.

At current, only Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a physical bezel ring, but as per the sources, Samsung will also terminate the Classic variant for the Pro model.


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