ECG is Still Absent on Galaxy Watch 3 & Watch 4 in India

The users in India are waiting for Galaxy Watch Active 2 to get ECG function. It is such a crucial function, and Samsung sold its Watch Active 2 claiming it has ECG function. Samsung later launched ECG along with Galaxy Watch 3 in major countries, and many are still waiting in line. India is also one of those countries waiting to get many features like ECG, BP, Google Pay & Samsung Pay. In the list, ECG is the essential or must-have health-related function users are demanding every day from the company.

We can hear their voices on all the major community platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Samsung Members & Samsung Community app. The question is why ECG function is not available in India for Samsung Galaxy watches. It comes late but slowly rolled out in all the major countries including the US & UK. The most recent countries added to the list are Canada, South Africa & Vietnam. Though it is rolling out in other regions, it still misses in India.

ECG in India Galaxy Watch

Now you might be angry and want to blame Samsung for it, but wait, this is not Samsung’s fault. To launch any such critical health functions, the companies have to take permission from regulatory bodies in that country. The company has to pass every test and convince them with solid proof that their feature is accurate and beneficial for users. South Korea or the home country of Samsung was the first country to approve ECG in the country. Later, the US and some European countries approved it.

Talking about India, the official members of the regulatory body has to give a green signal to the ECG feature. It will not launch in India unless the government body permits it. Samsung is not the only company in the line, but there are many companies. Apple on the other hand got permission with its Watch Series 5 model. I Hope, along with Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung may introduce the ECG feature in the country. When it gets permission, all the watches including Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch 3 & Galaxy Watch 4 will get the function.