Samsung Activates ECG & BP Functions in Canada, South Africa & Vietnam

Samsung introduced ECG & blood pressure features on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Since then, it has been released in most of the major countries, but still, some countries have to receive it. Now, slowly, Samsung is bringing these features to the remaining countries. In the latest firmware update, the company has launched ECG & Blood pressure functions in Canada, South Africa & Vietnam. The firmware version R8**XXU1FVC8, which has recently been released in many countries, bought the functions.

After the new version, users will notice the Samsung Health Monitor app on their smartwatch. To use the Blood Pressure function, the users should calibrate the device every month with a traditional blood pressure cuff to ensure accuracy. The ECG feature is capable to shows users Atrial Fibrillation notifications. It is also alert when there is a sign of rapid, slow, or irregular heartbeats.

The new firmware is available to download in many countries. In that, only these three countries have received ECG & BP support. Head to the Galaxy Wearable app to see for unchecked updates. Both features are highly important and it is good Samsung is bringing them to other countries.

Still, the functions are not available in some major countries including India, Mexico, Japan, China & Malaysia. It will be better for users if they bought them in these countries. Further, blood pressure is still missing in the US region.